A Note From Howard

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About Humanity

For more than six thousand years, humanity has been scourging itself, all life forms, and the earth through pollution, greed, hatred, jealousy, judgment, and a sweeping and persistent ignorance. It is time for humanity to move into higher levels of intelligence, choosing life over death, by taking responsibility for all of our actions, and by allowing ourselves to grow into the consciousness of what we are – in the image and likeness of the Infinite. We are children of the Infinite, and as we awaken to what we are and to our creative and potential realities, we move individually, globally and universally into higher levels of intelligence. As we take responsibility for the health of our planet, for all life forms, and for ourselves – we can and will become the guardians and protectors we were designed to be, reawakening the essence and beauty of our earth,  all life, and ourselves. Let us join in the creation and sharing of heaven on earth, individually, globally and universally. The time is now...

Well Being Is A Feeling

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m feeling great,” or “I’m feeling bad?”  Pay attention to the words – they are correctly spoken, pointing directly to a feeling they are experiencing in their bodies. We humans, like all life forms, are a feeling. Yes, we are intellectual and spiritual, but we are also feeling.

The human organism is complicated with all the hundreds of body parts, bones, muscles, blood vessels, etc., not to mention the integration of the mind and feelings, and then our relationship to ourselves, others and the rest of creation. And yet with all this complexity, when we boil it all down, everything comes back to how we are feeling. Truthfully and honestly, are we feeling good or are we feeling bad?

The native priests of Hawaii, called Kahunas, say that thoughts are physical, alive and have substance, even though they are invisible. Thoughts are powerful and thoughts influence feelings. If we have negative, harmful, hurtful or hateful thoughts, we are creating the same types of negative feelings. So very simply, the remedy is to think positive blessing, non-judgmental thoughts – simple, happy, positive thoughts. When we allow our thoughts to be simple and positive, we free ourselves of the weight, burden and unhappiness created by negative judgmental thoughts. When we practice the art of forgiveness, and positive, happy, non-judgmental thinking, we start feeling good, happy and free. When we start feeling good, happy, and free, complete well being in all areas of our lives will follow.

There is an old saying, “We cannot lie to ourselves. We can lie to the rest of the world and they may not know it, but we can never lie to ourselves.” And this brings us back to our feelings. If we are lying to others and/or trying to make excuses for our wrong actions, or trying to skirt issues or lie to ourselves about anything, we will begin to feel bad, inside and out – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The simple action of speaking the truth creates freedom – no weight, no burden, no pain, and no lie. Speaking the truth is a powerful remedy to stress and pain. It relieves and releases burdens and makes complete freedom available to us now. When someone asks you a question, give him or her the truth. When you ask yourself a question, give yourself the truth. It is a powerful medicine that creates freedom. Well Being is definitely a feeling, and speaking truthfully is a major action in creating inner and outer harmony.

Action is the last leg of the triune creation process: thoughts, words and deeds – to create the present and the future.  The actions that we and others take in life affect our well being, the well being of those around us, and the well being of our planet.  By partaking in positive and blessing actions, we are creating blessings for everyone in our presence – and what we do to others, we do to ourselves. So by blessing others through positive actions, we are also blessing ourselves and helping ourselves to feel better and have greater well being.

Remember, well being is a feeling, and if we are honestly feeling good inside and out, then our health will be a reflective measure of our true inner feelings, in a physical way. The inner feelings are reflected in our body. Let us be wholly positive with our thoughts, words and deeds, and create inner and outer well being for ourselves and the world. 

There’s nothing better than feeling good and nothing worse than feeling bad. Love yourself, be good to yourself, others, the earth and the life of the earth, and remember – well-being is a feeling!

In Life, Love and Light,

Howard Wills