Howard Wills

The Art of Well-Being & Higher Consciousness

Howard Wills

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For 45 years, Howard Wills has worked with people all over the world and witnessed marvelous, miraculous transformations. His life-transforming gatherings and one-on-one sessions help people permanently release obstacles that block them from living expansive, healthy and joyful lives filled with love, happiness and freedom.


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About Howard

At age 20, Howard had a metamorphic experience with what he refers to as “The Light.” This permanent and life-altering experience opened his perceptions, allowing him to see deeply into the nature of life and mankind.  His insights into the art of well-being and higher consciousness have sprung from his on-going experience and have enabled him to craft profoundly transformational prayers.  By encoding the secrets of his path into each prayer, the simple prayers, when practiced daily, help one move effortlessly into a beautiful and ever-evolving higher state of wellbeing, consciousness, freedom and empowerment.


"When we practice the art of forgiveness and positive, non-judgmental thinking and behavior, we start feeling good, happy and free. When we start feeling good, happy and free, complete well-being in all areas of our lives will follow." Howard Wills