Roadmap to Well Being

Nine Simple Practices To Cultivate & Enhance Well Being

  1. Deep Breathe – All Day, Every Day, Fresh Air – In Through The Nose On The Count of 8, Hold For The Count Of 8, And Out Through The Mouth On The Count Of 8
  2. Listen To Your Inner Concerns And Settle All Dilemmas, Thus Creating Freedom
  3. Listen To Your Inner Voice And Always Do The Things You Know Are Right For You In Life
  4. Build A Relationship Of Love, Trust And Respect Between Your Inner And Outer Voice – Your Heart/Feelings And Your Mind. Become Your Own Best Friend – Mind To Heart/Feelings And Heart/Feelings To Mind … Reward Yourself – Love Yourself – You Are Worthy
  5. Let All Your Thoughts, Words And Deeds Be Positive And Supportive
  6. Practice Humility, Gratitude, Love, Non-judgment, Patience, Compassion, Joy, And Happiness Through Continual Peacemaking In Life
  7. Love, Accept And Respect All Things And All Situations In Life … They Are Especially Designed For Your Personal Learning
  8. Eat Healthy, Living Foods As Much As Possible
  9. Enjoy And Appreciate The Gift Of Life


The Roadmap

Your Life Is Your Prayer

As You Live, So You Are

You Are The Maintainer and Creator Of Your Own Health And Reality

The More You Love And Bless Yourself And All Creation, The More Your Self And All Creation Loves And Blesses You

Live, Love, Enjoy And Appreciate The Gift Of Life

Love And Bless Yourself And All Creation Daily

And Be Filled With Life, Love and Light

Work At It, Achieve It, And Maintain It Through The Practice Of Living

Practice – Practice – Practice

All Day, Every Day

Give Thanks, Be Humble Always

And Remember

Life Begets Life


Sun Breathing Technique

Deep breathe fresh air 3-5 minutes. Whenever possible, face the sun, look toward the sun, close your eyes, and open your hands so that the light of the sun is on your palms. Begin to deep breathe long slow deep breaths, drawing in the fresh air and the light of the sun into your body through your eyes and palms. Breathe in through your nose on the count of eight, hold for the count of eight, and breathe out on the count of eight. Continue to hold the light within as you exhale. Fill yourself with the light as you breathe, charging yourself as if you are a solar battery.

This is an excellent way to start and end the prayers