About Howard 


Howard Wills was born in South Carolina...

....in 1953,  and when he was 20, while attending the University of South Carolina, he had a transformational experience with “The Light" that opened his perceptions and allowed him to see deeply into the nature of life and mankind.  The literal secrets of what was revealed then and what's continually unfolding, are encoded within the simple, transformative prayers he offers to the world.  

For 45 years, Howard has guided people, and has witnessed many marvelous transformations – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  His life-empowering gatherings, his private in-person and phone sessions, as well as personal and private retreats, assist people in releasing the obstacles that block them from living expansive, healthy, joy-filled lives.   Personal freedom, greater love, higher consciousness and overall wellbeing are, time and again, the direct and immediate effects of these practices.

Howard has worked with people around the world, including Japan, where he wrote a best-selling book entitled, "Prayer of Life." He is currently working on several other books, and additional videos and recordings.  His prayers are utilized worldwide and are available in many languages.  Howard lives with his family on the gorgeous and mystical island of Kauai, Hawaii.