This information is to further your inner and outer development, encourage humility, heightened awareness, and well being through forgiveness, release, and peacemaking.

The more serious our life problems, whether physical or other, the more often the Prayers and Affirmations should be spoken. Speak these prayers and affirmations once or twice a day for transformation and spiritual growth; three to five times a day or more to address more serious or life threatening problems.

Deep breathe fresh air 3-5 minutes before speaking the prayers, and 3-5 minutes after. Whenever possible, face the sun, look toward the sun, close your eyes, and open your hands so that the light of the sun is on your palms. Begin to deep breathe long slow deep breaths, drawing in the fresh air and the light of the sun into your body through your eyes and palms. Breathe in on the count of eight, hold for the count of eight, and breathe out on the count of eight. Continue to hold the light within as you exhale. Fill yourself with the light as you breathe, charging yourself as if you are a solar battery.

Humble yourself, drop all judgment, and allow yourself the gift of being open. Read, reread, and practice what you learn. Following these guidelines will bring you freedom, happiness, and immense rewards.

About Belief Systems

Belief systems can create limitations that inhibit our spiritual growth and awareness. The Infinite sends people blessings daily that often are blocked through scorn, judgment, pride, and other self-defeating attitudes. When using these prayers, if we will suspend our belief systems and speak the entire system of prayers aloud, word for word, we will share in the creation of a reality more beautiful than we could ever imagine – Direct Communion With the Infinite.

Reference To The Infinite

In the Prayers the reference to the Infinite as God is simply a suggestion. Please address the Infinite by whatever name is appropriate for you. These prayers are meant for all people, all religions, and all beliefs. May the blessings of life be with you.

These prayers and affirmations are for humanity. Please feel free to send them electronically through email, copy them and distribute them for your personal use. If you are interested in publishing any or all of these Prayers and Affirmations or translating them into another language, please contact us by phone at 310-650-2733. Thank you.

For more practices please read: roadmap to well being


The Transformational Concise Prayer Program

  • Personal Cleansing Prayer
  • Generational Cleansing Prayer
  • Cleansing Prayer for All Humanity
  • World Heart Prayer
  • Prayer for Universal Healing
  • Prayer for Infinite Blessings
  • Prayer of Freedom
  • Prayer for the World
  • Prayer of Bounty

The Gift of Life Prayers 

  • Ancestral Prayer
  • The Gift of Life Prayer 1: Forgiveness Affirmation
  • The Gift of Life Prayer 2: Prayer of Personal Forgiveness
  • The Gift of Life Prayer 3: Prayer of Complete Personal Forgiveness
  • The Gift of Life Prayer 4: Prayer of Generational Forgiveness
  • The Gift of Life Prayer 5: Prayer for All Nations, All Races, All Humanity, The Earth & All Life
  • The Gift of Life Prayer 6: Prayer of Complete Healing for All Relationships
  • The Gift of Life Prayer 7: Prayer of Complete Personal Healing
  • The Gift of Life Prayer 8: Prayer of Thanks
  • The Gift of Life Prayer 9: Prayer of Bounty